A Papercraft History of Chinatown

A project that I am currently developing with the help of the City of Calgary’s community art grant. I will be creating papercrafts of Calgary’s Chinatown in order to educate Calgarians on Chinatown’s history while providing an interesting craft project.

Project Projekt

A winning submission to Project Projekt for an exhibit at the Chinook Blast exhibition projected outside the Glenbow museum in February 2021.

respectfulchild website

A website I designed and developed for my talented artist friend respectfulchild

SMART Table App Development

I worked at SMART Technologies to develop educational games for large-scale touch tables. These tables were in classrooms where 2-4 students at a time would collaborate on multitouch educational activities. We had to design games that worked for any orientation of the table, encouraged children to collaborate, and also provided valuable educational content for students.